I love sharing testimonies. Whenever I read a testimony or someone shares one with me I am shifted into a realm of higher faith + encouraged into a place to believe God for more. The hope of heaven arises within my heart and scatters any doubt or fear that I may have. Suddenly, what I thought was impossible now seems possible because the power of a testimony. Today, I want to share a testimony of God’s faithfulness to bringing the desires of my heart to pass. By the time you finish reading this, I want you to feel empowered to believe + pray bigger than you ever have before! This testimony God laid on my heart to share, brings me back to my season of dating my husband leading up to our wedding day. God performed many signs and wonders during this season to confirm to us that we were meant to become one. We were very intentional with God about leading us in our relationship because marriage is a huge decision + a lifetime commitment. He made that very clear to us on many occasions. One being, my wedding ring.

Wedding rings are a symbol of love and devotion. A ring in its simplest form is a circle, which means ‘forever.’ Its endlessness is the perfect symbol of oneness and unity – no beginning, no end. It is said that a ring is placed on the fourth finger because a certain vein flows from there to the heart. A ring’s circular design symbolizes an eternal bond. It’s a reminder of the promises you made to your spouse on your wedding day.

When I was a teenager, my mother took us to the jewelry shop to get her wedding ring cleaned. I was bored out of my mind, so I started looking around at rings. There were many simple ones, but nothing stood out to me. I thought to myself, “I hope one day I will wear something unique!” As I said that to myself, an aquamarine ring (that’s my favorite color) with many diamonds caught my attention. Go figure..It costed an arm and a leg. The jewelry line I fell in love with was called Le Vian.

When Nick hinted He was ready to wed me we went one weekend to look at rings. I thought about that ring I spotted years before, so we went to every jewelry store that carried Le Vian. But, the only issue was that these rings are thousands of dollars and truthfully I didn’t want to start our marriage off collecting debts to pay off. I began to think about a testimony one of my friends told me. They asked God to bring them a diamond for the ring they wanted to give their spouse. Not only did they get one diamond they got two! That stirred me to pray because if God can do it for them He can definitely do it for me + you too!

We prayed about it + I had this fun out of the box idea to go to pawn shops and look around! We ended up going to four different places around the city. We had a few more shops to go to according to google. But, we had one hour left till all the pawn shops closed. We joined hands in prayer + said, “God, highlight which one we should go to.” He highlighted one and we headed there. When we entered a sweet lady greeted us and lead us to the rings. One ring in particular stood out to me. I asked to see it right away. I tried it on and by surprise it fit me perfectly! It is totally rare that a ring fits me because in my case my finger measures for a size 4.25 in rings. I asked the lady, “What brand is this ring?” She said, “It is a Le Vian. We have never gotten an expensive ring in like this EVER.” My husband and I were freaking out, smiling at each other big time, and were in such awe of God!!

What are the odds seriously? What’s even cooler, is that we got to pray for the lady who worked at the pawn shop. We felt God nudging us to ask her if she had any unforgiveness in her heart. She started bawling her eyes out and by the end of our visit there…she was set free + at total peace!! Go God!! How amazing is He! At the regular jewelry store my ring would have costed $4-6K, but with God my ring costed less than $1K and it was my size! If I would have bought the ring at a jewelry store it would have taken a couple of months to get it customized to fit me. Also, one day my husband counted how many diamonds are in the ring..77 diamonds (this is a great # in the bible) !! God is sooooo good! To think, He was listening to me at a jewelry store years and years ago about which ring I liked…then He made it happen in such a miraculous way! It blows me away!

The beautiful thing about this is God’s love for His children. I could of settled for a ring that I would have not loved and been grateful because the foundation of marriage isn’t the ring. Life isn’t about materialistic things. BUT GOD, He truly loves you and I with a crazy radical love + just like a parent He wants the best for His children..that’s how His intentions are positioned towards us. He simply wants the best for us. He says if we ask, we receive. Don’t settle. Believe me when I say this…As you delight yourself in the LORD, He WILL bring the desires of your heart to pass. (Psalm 37:4)


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