My husband and I got in a silly argument the other night. I was upsetting him, & he was upsetting me.
I didn’t know if we were ever going to get to a solution. Have you ever felt that way?

I felt the Holy Spirit whisper wisdom to me in the middle of our fight, “Both of you are just trying to share your feelings! Would you listen to one another + stop the bickering?

Your feelings don’t define your spouse. Your feelings don’t point out the wrong in someone else. Your feelings aren’t an attack on the other. I immediately shared what God whispered to me with my husband, and I felt peace come over our conversation.

We should listen to each other’s feelings whether they are right or wrong. We shouldn’t feel afraid of someone else’s feelings. It’s about their heart and not who we are.

Past experiences in your life may make you sensitive in areas of life, that others don’t get sensitive about. Have you ever felt like someone had something against you, because in your past you have been rejected? Or you see your loved one like another person’s post or whatever the case might be and immediately you may feel insecurities rise up you get angry and distant because you have a fear of being cheated on due to someone being cheated on you know.

Turns out, your feeling was false all along?? We have all been there. Feelings lie all the time. & the devil can create false feelings through getting you to believe the lie. The truth is we have feelings come and go. We need to address them in a healthy manner. We need to understand that feelings are how someone feels it doesn’t necessarily mean that they are true. They shouldn’t offend us, it’s part of human nature to have feelings. They should only give us an open heart to love + understand one another and draw us closer in intimacy.

I know a lot of arguments happen because we aren’t listening to each other and how we feel. We need to honor one another in this area. If there is an area we can improve in to help our spouse not feel hurt by some of the actions we take that aren’t intentional but are affecting them, then I encourage you to do all you can.

Be slow to anger and open to listen with a loving heart as Jesus would.

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